Lighting the Way to a Safe Place

At Road.Travel we couldn’t sit back and ignore the refugee crisis now consuming Europe.

In the normal course of business, our technology allows people to create and publish interesting routes and exciting places to visit for road trips. Today, we have repurposed our technology to help people fleeing the war find safe places and take safe routes.

With your help, your participation and our technology, we hope to solve one of the major problems of the crisis – logistics. During this unprecedented humanitarian crisis, we hope to meet this challenge.

We invite the world community to join the project as Safe Places creators or Safe Routes volunteers. Please contribute and join the cause as you are able.
Create Safe Places: identify free accommodations, food, medical services or jobs for refugees, and we will publish it on our platform.
With this information, a team of volunteers will use Safe Places to create routes from locations where refugees are located or where they have crossed the border.
Refugee Centres
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This is a non-commercial humanitarian effort sponsored by Road.Travel with one simple objective — to help people to be safe. If you want to join the Safe Place Initiative, please send a message to [email protected]